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I don’t know how to say it any other way except to tell it like it is…………. Insurance companies are your worst enemy when you have a claim. They spend all their money on commercials to make you believe they are so honest and caring and there for you when you need them. Just you wait until you need them to handle a claim for you then you see the horns come out. Our Infiniti was hit by another vehicle which resulted in repair damage of $8,700.00 to the rear. The insurance company directed us to one their preferred shops telling us that they would handle everything for us. When we made a claim for diminished value they offered us $150.00 I argued that this was not acceptable and they told me that was all I was entitled to. I contacted David at Southern Automotive Consultants and he went right to work explaining the entire process. We now understand how Insurance Companies get away with cheating consumers in any way that they can. After his expert review of our vehicle, it’s damage, repair, and the insurance companies offer for our diminished value claim he was able to help us get a $1500.00 settlement for this. There is no way we could have done this without his expertise.
I will tell everyone that I know with an insurance issue to contact David at Southern Automotive Consultants for exceptional service.

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