claim-reviewThe first thing you need to know is that an insurance company will make a decision on whether to repair or “total out” a vehicle based on what’s in their best interest…not necessarily yours!  The insurance company will generally look at a vehicle’s value, and render it a “total loss” when the repair costs are estimated to be 70% of the vehicle’s pre-loss value.  “Pre-Loss Value” is also known as “ACV”, or “Actual Cash Value”…meaning the value of your car before the collision occurred.

The problem here is that the party responsible for reimbursing you for the value of your car (the insurance company), is the same party responsible for determining the value.

So…if you have a question or concern about the value your car is being given, who do you ask?

You can’t ask the insurance company, because they’ve already rendered their verdict on your car’s value. First, you should do some simple “homework” online…

1) Check out the true value of your vehicle on websites like (Kelly Blue Book), or (NADA’s website).

2) Search or for similar vehicles within 300 miles of you, with the same mileage.

Then, call us! At Southern Automotive Consultants, we’re certified, licensed auto appraisers. We know what your car is supposed to be worth, and it’s in our best interest to get you the most money for your car…not the least.

Remember…KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! Do your homework, and negotiate with your insurance company as an informed consumer. Don’t get taken advantage of!

Most insurance adjusters are paid to “control the loss" meaning that their primary objective is to minimize the amount of cash the insurance company has to pay you. Sometimes, this “control" turns into a bad deal for you.

We will help you through the whole process, including a written appraisal of your vehicle and the associated value you’re entitled to.

And we’re so confident in our 97% success rate of helping customers recover their diminished value, we’ll offer to refund your money in full if we can’t get you back at least DOUBLE what you paid us!

That’s right, if your insurance company doesn’t pay you at least an extra $550 in diminished value as a result our Diminished Value Report’s FREE! We’ve helped hundreds of clients recover their Diminished Value, and our success rate is 97% over a 20-year period. We look forward to helping you get the money you deserve for your vehicle!