About Us

David Montanaro is a licensed appraiser in the State of Georgia as well as certified South Carolina licensed Insurance Appraiser #780097.  He began working in the diminished value field in 1976 as a staff vehicle material damage appraiser for Liberty Mutual Insurance Company where he worked for 18 months.  He then took a position with Kemper Insurance Company.

During his 24 years with Kemper, David continued to write diminished value as well as ACV reports and is considered an expert in the vehicle appraisal field.  Since then, David has owned and sold 2 successful collision repair facilities in Atlanta, GA and Charleston, SC. Because of David’s background and experience, it was only natural that he decided to continue being an advocate to customers who have been involved in an auto accident and therefore he now writes Diminished Value and Actual Cash Value (ACV) reports as a specialty.


David and Susan (his wife of 33 years) along with their 2 Dobermans and a Dachshund reside in Charleston, SC and frequently visit Atlanta where they raised their son and daughter who are now grown and married.

David has an office in Charleston as well as Atlanta in order to accommodate Diminished Value customers in a broad radius.