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What Is Diminished Value
Diminished Value (DV) is the loss in market value that occurs when a vehicle is wrecked and repaired.
A reasonable consumer will not pay the same price for a wrecked, then repaired vehicle, as they will for a vehicle with no accident history. Even if the repairs were done well, the vehicle will still lose value.
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The Diminished Value Experts

David Montanaro is a licensed appraiser in the State of Georgia as well as certified South Carolina licensed Insurance Appraiser #780097. He began working in the diminished value field in 1976 as a staff vehicle material damage appraiser for Liberty Mutual Insurance Company where he worked for 18 months. He then took a position with Kemper Insurance Company.

During his 24 years with Kemper, David continued to write diminished value as well as ACV reports and is considered an expert in the vehicle appraisal field. Since then, David has owned and sold 2 successful collision repair facilities in Atlanta, GA and Charleston, SC. Because of Davids background and experience, it was only natural that he decided to continue being an advocate to customers who have been involved in an auto accident and therefore he now writes Diminished Value and Actual Cash Value (ACV) reports as a specialty.

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The Diminished Value Experts

What Are The Qualifications
What If I Don't Qualify?

All vehicles that are damaged and repaired suffer some amount of diminished value. However, not all situations qualify to make a claim to an insurance company to be compensated for diminished value. Some of the determining factors include: the state in which you live, how the damage occurred, and whether or not you were at fault.

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A lady hit my side panel which ended up totaling $2800+. I contacted David shorty after getting it out of the shop and his first impression was rock solid. He gave me some great information right off the bat. Took a few days and did his homework and advised me of what I could due… Read more “Many Thanks to Southern Automotive Consultants.”

Louis Williams II

Superb service and professionalism

I don’t know how to say it any other way except to tell it like it is…………. Insurance companies are your worst enemy when you have a claim. They spend all their money on commercials to make you believe they are so honest and caring and there for you when you need them. Just you… Read more “Superb service and professionalism”

Richard French

Stellar Customer Service

Recently, our Audi 2015 Q5 was rear ended by another vehicle. David provided excellent guidance, not only concerning accurate determination of the diminished value but how to properly communicate this to the other party. His report to substantiate the loss of value and his willingness to stand behind the customer in the event of a… Read more “Stellar Customer Service”

Charles Hipp

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