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What Is...
What Is Diminished Value
Diminished Value (DV) is the loss in market value that occurs when a vehicle is wrecked and repaired.
A reasonable consumer will not pay the same price for a wrecked, then repaired vehicle, as they will for a vehicle with no accident history. Even if the repairs were done well, the vehicle will still lose value.
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The Diminished Value Experts

David Montanaro is a licensed appraiser in the State of Georgia as well as certified South Carolina licensed Insurance Appraiser #780097. He began working in the diminished value field in 1976 as a staff vehicle material damage appraiser for Liberty Mutual Insurance Company where he worked for 18 months. He then took a position with Kemper Insurance Company.

During his 24 years with Kemper, David continued to write diminished value as well as ACV reports and is considered an expert in the vehicle appraisal field. Since then, David has owned and sold 2 successful collision repair facilities in Atlanta, GA and Charleston, SC. Because of Davids background and experience, it was only natural that he decided to continue being an advocate to customers who have been involved in an auto accident and therefore he now writes Diminished Value and Actual Cash Value (ACV) reports as a specialty.

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The Diminished Value Experts

What Are The Qualifications
What If I Don't Qualify?

All vehicles that are damaged and repaired suffer some amount of diminished value. However, not all situations qualify to make a claim to an insurance company to be compensated for diminished value. Some of the determining factors include: the state in which you live, how the damage occurred, and whether or not you were at fault.

Our Testimonials

Joey Sebastian (as posted to Google)

David Montanaro helped me with my Diminished Value on my 2016 Porsche and I ended up getting paid $14,200 in Depreciation! Before I contacted David at the suggestion of my Atlanta Porsche Dealer the corrupt Insurance Adjuster was “maxed out” at $3500.00! It’s amazing what his 40 years in the business did to help my cause. The best $375 I ever spent!

Tamra Grant (as posted to Google)

After having moved from the Midwest to Charleston over fifteen years ago I discovered that customer service and follow through had opportunities to improve. This definitely is not the case with David Montanaro.

I contacted David and he immediately responded. The small fix was handled by him. I cannot stress enough about the impeccable service I received.

While I am very cautious to make recommendations I would definitely put my name on a recommendation for David.

Deb Stossel (as posted to Google)

Thanks Southern Automotive Consultants you saved many life’s by removing an unsafe vehicle from our highways!

Thank you for getting me a good deal on my diminished value!

After my car was hit in a parking lot, the way my insurance company handled the repairs and getting the insurance from the man who hit my car was pretty sub par. So I was surprised to learn that I could get money from Geico on the loss of value to my car. I was never told this from my insurance company, but from my dad that had used Southern Automotive Consultants to get the diminished value on his car. My husband originally went though a different appraiser consultant that did a free quote and then we would have had to paid a fee for them to submit to Geico, but they quoted us at around$1400 for loss of value, which barley covered the repair cost. When I called David and told him about the quote we got he told me that the appraiser company we contacted gets hired by Geico as an independent consultant that also does loss of value against the Geico client and would favor Geico or the insurance company that hired them to give the client the less money than originally quoted. If we had gone with that appraiser, we would have most likely ended up with $700.
David walked me through everything that I had to do to get Geico to cooperate with the claim he had drawn up, which helped me feel more confident with dealing with Geico and after finally getting everything closed I ended up with around $2,600! David is a great guy and I wish I had contacted him after the car wreck, because based off of the other reviews it looks like he also helps out with that. I will happily recommended anyone who had been in a car accident to contact him and I will use him again if anything like this happens again.

Fought long and hard to get me the most diminished value!

I had a very difficult diminished value case due to a previously undisclosed accident. The insurance company was not giving an inch. But David kept advising me and fighting the insurance company until they finally made a reasonable offer to me. In the past I had always taken what the insurance company sent me, but that is clearly not what I will do in the future. David is a tremendous value and puts 100% into getting you back the most possible. I’ll definitely hire him again! Thanks David!

2011 infiniti M37x dDiminished Value

I was in a rear end accident and was refered to David Montanaro by the body shop that fixed my car. Once i got in touch with him and got his price for my diminished value assesment. I figured it was worth a shot and was decently priced! I decided to go through with it and once i made that decision, David got right on the job. He got all my assesments ready in a timely fashion and advised me along each step! He was always accessible which made me feel a lot more comfortable. He told me how much my diminished value was worth and although i didnt get the exact amount, i got pretty close to it and way more than i expected back from the insurance company. Thanks for the professionalism and great service. I will definitely recommend him to any and all that needs a diminished value claim.

I wanted to take the

I wanted to take the time to thank David Montanaro for helping me with my diminished value claim. He was amazing to work with from start to finish. He was very responsive and attentive and walked me through this process. I knew nothing in regards to Diminish Value and he explained to me that I was entitled to that. With his knowledge, he was able to get me a very fair amount for my loss. I would highly recommend using David to handle your Diminish Value Claim!!!!

Professionally Driven, Results Oriented!

My fiance was involved in a “love tap” (insurance company verbiage) accident to the tune of approx $4,500.00, Insurance carrier attempted to low ball me on Diminish Value. So I contacted David Montanaro of SAC to weigh my options. Mr. Montanaro is the epitome of professionalism,he researched my case, went to the body shop, & inspected my vehicle, then the body shop estimate so as to provide a professional written analysis on what the Diminish Value of my vehicle (2014 Mercedes Benz E350 coupe) SHOULD be. After many fruitless attempts to get the Insurance Carrier to recognize/ accept & negotiate in good faith, I was left with no choice but to sue in Ga State court. Mr. Montanaro not only help me formulate a strategy based off facts, he also was my expert witness in court. Thanks to Mr. Montanaro I won my case & I couldn’t be more thrilled!! His expertise was without a doubt the deciding factor. Mr. Montanaro made me feel like I was his only client and was there every step of the way, that was extremely important to me & my fiance. I strongly recommend David Montanaro & Southern Automotive Consultants to anyone & everyone involved in an auto accident. Thank You very much David!!

Great service and result!

After having an accident the process is always incredibly stressful. The car I only had for six months before the accident had a lot of damage. My insurance company claimed no diminished value. Luckily, the body shop where I had my car repaired recommended David. He was incredibly helpful from the start! He informed me that I did in fact have a diminished value claim, and finished a report for me quickly. He walked me through the entire process and was always willing to answer my questions. His fees are very reasonable, and will refund the fee if you do not get at least double his fee. After the process was finally over, I was able to get much more than the insurance company initially said I was entitled to. Thank you so much David!

Insurance Savior

I was involved in an accident where my car was clearly totaled in everyone’s opinion except my insurance carrier. With the expert advice and consultation from David Montanaro I am receiving a full and fair settlement; I feel certain he saved me thousands and thousands of dollars and numerous additional headaches. Honestly, I cannot recall any service to be of greater value in my entire life. Thanks David!

Life saver

David made sure I stayed up to date with every step of the process. He saved me from what I thought was going to be a nightmare. He had phenomenal customer service and made sure that I agreed before confirming anything. Unfortunately my car was at a total loss and the insurance company was wanting to give me 14600 with him fighting on my behalf and doing research I was able to come out getting 16650. The fee is definitely worth the work that he puts in to make sure you’re happy and taken care of most importantly. I will definitely refer anybody to him in the future. I’m very grateful to come across such an honest hard-working man.

Stellar Customer Service

Recently, our Audi 2015 Q5 was rear ended by another vehicle. David provided excellent guidance, not only concerning accurate determination of the diminished value but how to properly communicate this to the other party. His report to substantiate the loss of value and his willingness to stand behind the customer in the event of a dispute was
over and beyond expectations. David also gave excellent advise which prevented unnecessary recommended repairs being made by a local body shop. I unconditionally recommend use of his professional services.

Superb service and professionalism

I don’t know how to say it any other way except to tell it like it is…………. Insurance companies are your worst enemy when you have a claim. They spend all their money on commercials to make you believe they are so honest and caring and there for you when you need them. Just you wait until you need them to handle a claim for you then you see the horns come out. Our Infiniti was hit by another vehicle which resulted in repair damage of $8,700.00 to the rear. The insurance company directed us to one their preferred shops telling us that they would handle everything for us. When we made a claim for diminished value they offered us $150.00 I argued that this was not acceptable and they told me that was all I was entitled to. I contacted David at Southern Automotive Consultants and he went right to work explaining the entire process. We now understand how Insurance Companies get away with cheating consumers in any way that they can. After his expert review of our vehicle, it’s damage, repair, and the insurance companies offer for our diminished value claim he was able to help us get a $1500.00 settlement for this. There is no way we could have done this without his expertise.
I will tell everyone that I know with an insurance issue to contact David at Southern Automotive Consultants for exceptional service.

Many Thanks to Southern Automotive Consultants.

A lady hit my side panel which ended up totaling $2800+. I contacted David shorty after getting it out of the shop and his first impression was rock solid. He gave me some great information right off the bat. Took a few days and did his homework and advised me of what I could due as far as pursuing. My car had a previous undisclosed accident and 117k miles. The options to fight was possible as he explained but the return wasn’t worth the fight.

Speaking with David and simply getting a wealth of information about how depreciation works and what my options were from an accident to my car showed me how truly valuable his services is. I believe more people should know they have a service like this available to make certain they aren’t leaving money on the table.

Saved my life, literally!!

Mr. Montanaro is a consummate professional and fights for his clients like he would for himself or family. He literally saved my life, I can’t thank him enough for his help in all matters. If you’re reading this, this is the guy you want on your team fighting for you, very results driven. Thank you again!!

Expertise and professionalism

Our son was hit in a parking lot and the repairs were paid for. However, received a check for the diminished value, which was nothing. not close. Was given David’s name his service, professionalism and expertise were great! I highly recommend David and his work. Long story short, we went to court and David’s testimony and expertise was worth every cent and time…. THANK YOU!!!!

David Montanaro knows how to get the job done!

I was having trouble getting my insurance company to pay the diminished value that I knew I should get. They wasted my valuable time and would only agree to pay me 1000.00 for my 2016 Subaru Outback. The accident wasn’t my fault because the at-fault party ran a stop sign and caused over 7000.00 worth of damage. I am so glad that I was referred to David by my Subaru dealership. Mr. Montanaro traveled to Augusta, Ga. and came to my work place and provided an appraisal. This was done so quickly that I was amazed! He had the report to me the next day! Then he was able to speak to my insurance company’s designated appraiser and I now have a check in my hands for 5660.00! Most people don’t realize that they have the option of getting diminished value and most insurance companies won’t tell you that this is an option. I am so glad that I was referred to David Montanaro! If I had not called him, the most I would have gotten would be 1000.0 and he was able to show that the diminished value was 5660.00! If you need prompt, professional service from someone who is willing to go to bat for you, call David!

Thanks David

Thank you David @ Southern Automotive Consultants for all your help in my Diminshed Value Claim, Im grateful I was referred to you, it was money well spent. I will definitely be referring any friends your way , as well as use you again personally if need be, to recoup any losses again. Keep up the great work.

Great job

My insurance company was offering me $500 diminished value for a $15,000 damage with frame damage also. David was able to get me almost $5000. Great job thank you !


I had been dealing with my insurance company about the total loss of my van. Their offer was ridiculous so David stepped in and took care of it for me. He got me more money and closed it out for me. I really appreciate all that he did. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a private appraiser. Thank you so much, David.

David Montanaro is the Best!!

David Montanaro is simply the best Diminished Value assessor. I was the victim of a hit and run auto accident earlier this year, and my insurance company hoped that I wouldn’t realize I had a DV claim clause in my contract with them. After having a fantastic experience at Buckhead Collision, Noman and Scott recommended I talk to David at Southern Automotive Consultants. He knew his stuff, drew up my assessment at the drop of a hat, and was able to answer every question I had, never making me feel pressured to hire him. I have to admit that at first, I wasn’t too sure of the whole idea, but he enlightened me to the fact that I was paying my insurance company a high monthly payment to help me when an accident occurs, and that I had every right to claim DV on my car. He far exceeded what we thought we could actually get, by dealing with my insurance agent for me, which blew me away. I suppose I shouldn’t have been, because he has a stellar record! It’s for a reason…trust this guy. He made such a positive impact on me, and helped make a painful car accident so much more bearable.


I am extremely happy that I chose Mr. David Montanaro to be my EXPERT WITNESS in my diminished value suit against the person who ran his motorcycle into my car!! He did an excellent job of testifying for me, and, thanks to him and his testimony, the judge ruled in my favor! He was always there for me if I had questions and would tell me what to expect in the courtroom. I cannot say enough about his professionalism and his demeanor in the courtroom to convey his point to the judge and to the defense attorney. I would HIGHLY recommend David to anyone needing his expertise! THANK YOU SO MUCH, MR. MONTANARO!!!

Highly skilled

I had a very troubled claim and David and his Team navigated a pathway to success. Thank you for your experience, knowledge and professionalism!

Great service

Insurance company original diminished value was low. David helped got me a $1200 higher value. I could not have gotten the additional value without his expert help.

Worth it!

Introduced to David through the Porsche dealership and I am so glad I did. He made all the difference. Worth every penny. The insurance company tried to take me for a ride!

David triumphs over Goliath

My wife was involved in an accident that left her 2014 Toyota looking totaled. The insurance company sent a check for less than $300 for the Diminished Value settlement. This was not only an insult but, in my opinion, a down right dishonest way to conduct business.

I had heard of David through a friend who was very pleased with what David had done for him. Having gone through this ordeal with David’s expertise and professional savvy, I know beyond a doubt that he made the insurance company stand up and treat us fairly.

The new check, for the diminished value, is almost 14 time greater than their first offer. Not to mention the fact that he also found several items the body shop had not fixed correctly and we got that remedied for free.

I highly recommend David and Southern Automotive Consultants to anyone needing a win against Goliath.

Thank you, David. It was a memorable experience and one that will not be forgotten.

David will fight for you

I had no idea how to get compensated for diminished value when my parked car was wrecked by a drunk driver. David prepared the reports and helped me go after a big repair shop that made my car worse and an insurance company that recommended them! He was aggressive and he knows exactly what it takes to get the insurance companies to do the right thing. He has been in the collision repair industry for years and he knows all the ways insurance and repair shops will take advantage of YOU. David will fight for you! Don’t settle for being ripped off, give him a call.

Great work, David!

My son’s Honda Civic was totaled after being rear ended by a drunk driver. The insurance company offered less than 1/2 of what we paid for the car l.5 years ago. I contacted David and he helped me through the entire process with the vehicle and the claim and was able to get the insurance company to increase the amount initially offered by several thousand dollars netting us close to what we paid for the car 1.5 years ago. I highly recommend David – his knowledge of insurance and collisions is extensive, he’s professional, kind and knows his stuff! Thank you for your assistance, David, now I know that the “little guy” can win against the “big bad insurance company” – I never knew any of this before talking to David.

David Montanaro Wow This person Knows what he’s doing. A REAL PROFSSSIONAL

Back on May 1, 2018 my 2008 Mercedes-Benz SLK 280 convertible roadster was
involved in an accident in a parking lot. The car was towed to a collision center recommended by the insurance company the original bill was $7100 which was paid in full by the insurance company I contacted David after getting the car out of the shop and he had it inspected at the Mercedes dealership. He found another $4446 in damages to the car. The insurance company agreed to pay it. In addition to that I collected $2500 for the-diminished value.
Thank you David
His fee was under $300.00

David is #1 in the diminished value field!

I hired David to help me with the painstaking process of fighting a diminished value claim on my brand new truck. I hired a tree company to clear trees from my home. Unfortunately, a large tree fell directly on top of my truck that had less than 6K miles on it! After getting nowhere with the tree companies insurance, I contacted David to help me with the damages. It was money well spent. He was the strong arm at dealing with the insurance company. He has cutting edge knowledge in regards to diminished value, as well as how the insurance companies work throughout the process. He turned a $900.00 offer from the insurance company into $4,100.00. I would highly advise anyone to use David’s services. No one has the experience he does in this field!

T.J. Warbington

David is outstanding

My daughrer was in an accident and her car was totalled, two weeks after she purchased her car from a reputable dealer. The insurance company wanted us to settle for $3000 less than what she paid even though the accident was mother fault. After arguing for three weeks I called David and ended up settling for what she paid for the car. It was the best $375 we ever spent.

I highly recommend David Montanaro

I highly recommend David Montanaro. Thanks to his work, I was able to receive a fair diminished value settlement from GEICO. Although he may cost slightly more than other independent adjusters on the market, he was extremely professional, easy to work with, and extremely flexible with my schedule. Additionally, he provided me with the information I needed to make my own empowered decision.

He inspected my car in person at my place of residence at my convenience. The inspection involved careful inspection of the repaired area. He also brought several tools to aid him with the process. (Magnets and a “rag” or “towel” to lay down on to look under the car).

Details: Corolla was initially estimated to cost $1,000 to repair and I initially received a $300 check for diminished value. After taking the car to my dealer, the car cost over $5,000 to fix but my original GEICO adjuster continued to argue that the diminished value should stay $300 based on severity of the damage, and other factors. I hired David Montanaro to provide me with an independent adjuster report which I submitted to GEICO in order to get a fair diminished value from the insurer. At the time of the service, the cost of $375** ($275 for the report and $100 to handle additional communications with the insurance company). The result was a diminished value settlement of $3,000.

**David Montanaro notes that since this testimonial was published, the report is priced at $375 per .

Very Quick and Professional Service

David was recommended to me by a family friend and I could not be happier with his work. I called him because I wanted to get his opinion on what was being offered to me for the diminished value of my car after an accident last summer. I told him about the accident and the damaged on the car. After speaking to him for a few minutes he told me that he would like to take a look at my car because the cost of repair was way to high in comparison to the value of the car. It turns out the car was not structurally safe and the car was a total loss. He did a complete evaluation of the damage and made sure I got the money I deserved for the car. He worked very quickly and the issue was resolved within two weeks, when I received a check for my old car.
David is a true professional and very easy to work with. I would recommend him to anyone going through a similar situation. If it wasn’t for David I would still be driving around in an improperly repaired vehicle.

Great professional and a pleasure to work with!

I highly recommend David Montanaro for your car reports. David is very detailed oriented and he went above and beyond to help us. Aside from being a great professional he is a pleasure to work with.

Excellence in every way!

David provided excellent service from beginning to end. I had a beautiful two-seater Porsche Boxter in supreme condition when someone made a U-turn right into me and totaled my car. Already upset and mildly injured, David handled my situation with the insurance company, who tried to pay me quickly and quietly, so that I received full value of what my car was worth. His work brought me nearly $5,000 more than the insurance company initially offered. Most importantly, David was very responsive and always kept his word and kept me informed. This was my first experience in working with a diminished value representative and I would recommend David to anyone needing this service.


Yes! Many thanks to David for his diligent inspection of my car. First I was the victim of a rear end collision, later, with David’s expertise, I realized that I was also the victim of an insurance approved body shop. David discovered incomplete work as well as work that was not done. Without David’s inspection, I might be driving an unsafe car now. Thanks again.

Worth every penny

David’s very detailed and expert documentation regarding my diminished value claim was THE reason I even received the funds. I tried to provide some pretty decent paperwork on my own, but they basically ignored it until I retained him and submitted his professional analysis and estimate. He was a great “procedure” coach and advised me not to fall for the insurance company denials and delays. I didn’t! Thanks!

Highly Recommend

Two people got in an accident and hit me while I was sitting at a light. For being not at fault I sure felt like I was being punished, my insurance company didn’t seem to care, giving me the run around and the collision shop didn’t take my requests seriously, they were less than helpful and only cared about money. I was at a loss because I felt like no one was on my side, advocating for me, the person that had nothing to do with the accident. That’s when I found David online, he called back right away and I only had to tell him a little bit, because he knew the drill, he’d seen it happen to many customers. He totally got it! I was so frustrated and he listened and answered all my questions, gave me advice. Looked over estimates, explained things, etc. He is extremely knowledgeable and genuinely cares, and demonstrates a level of customer service and dedication you just don’t see any more these days. He’s there for you, the little guy, helping you navigate the murky waters against these big organizations/ companies. I highly recommend him and his services! Helped tremendously! Thank you David!

David was very instrumental in advising us

When our car was totaled a week ago David came highly recommended to consult with to ensure that we were receiving accurate and fair information regarding what we can expect from the Insurance Company. David looked at the condition of our vehicle and also the reports that the Insurance Claims sent to us to make sure that we were treated fairly. Because of David’s advice, we were able to receive more money than was originally quoted. David is very knowledgeable, personable and responsive!

No Surprises & Tremendous Service

Thanks, David. David Montanaro walked me through the entire process when I invoked my Appraisal Clause. He was always available to answer questions and give guidance. He negotiated to get me a fair value for my 2011 Cadillac. After my deductible, he got agreement on a value that was $300+ over my first offer to my insurance claim agent and $3,000 more than their best offer. I am sure the big boy insurance companies know they are defeated when they hear that David Montanaro is the chosen Appraiser!
Superb job! Couldn’t be more satisfied!

Worth every penny!

David is the best! I tried to use him a few years back when someone pulled out in front of me and totaled my car. He told me straight up that I should take the offer from insurance and I did. No charge! This time it was my fault for rear ending a car and my insurance offered me $1500 diminished value. I contacted David and he told me to invoke my right to appraisal. Long story short David charged me $375 and I ended up with over $5000 in diminished value. Very honest and very good! Thank you David!

A True Expert In the Field of Diminished Value

I highly recommend the services of David Montanaro. I had a top-of-the-line Luxury Automobile that incurred several thousands of dollars in structural body damage. David was able to talk me through the repair process and provided me a diminished value report after “Good Neighbor” Insurance company offered an initial Diminished Value check in the amount of under $100. This essentially equated to a “slap in the face.” After presenting the report and eventually having to go to court vs. the insurance company, the negotiated settlement was much higher. I truly believe that we would not have had the success in securing a much larger settlement without the services of Mr. Montanaro. He is worth every penny.

Highly Recommend

We give Mr. Montanaro the highest rating and recommendation. Our insurance company sent us a check for $301 for diminished value on our 2017 Kia van after I hit a deer. We did not realize there was such a thing as diminished value. We also did not realize we could challenge their assessment until the company that did our repairs brought it to our attention and recommended Mr. Montanaro. We experienced the same incredible service from Mr. Montanaro as others who have written reviews giving him the highest praise. He was there for us any time of day, even responded to text messages sent after hours. He was very responsive and supportive, walking us through the process, letting us know what to expect and when to light a fire under our insurance company. When all was said and done, the diminished value was settled at $3,500. A far cry from the measly $301 the insurance company had originally sent us. My husband and I are grateful beyond words for Mr. Montanaro’s exceptional work and the auto repair shop that recommended him to us!

Masterful, Worth every Dollar Spent

Mr. Montanaro,
I would personally like to express my heart felt thanks to you for working with me on my case. David’s professionalism and industry knowledge were instrumental in me receiving what my vehicle was worth.
My pristine 2015 Mercedes Benz S550 Sedan was totaled August 2018. My insurance company’s initial offer was substantially lower than what the vehicle was worth. I contacted David and he immediately went into action. He utilized industry standard best practices which resulted in me receiving and additional 16 thousand dollars for my vehicle. I would personally recommend him and I would also use his services again if the need arises. It was money well spent.

David The Genius

David is a guy who’s the jack of this trade.
His reputation precedes him. You only have to name the insurance company troubling you with your total loss claim and he will get you a windfall you’ve never expected .
Thanks for helping me out David.

Great Job!!!

David was very professional, honest, detailed, fast, on task and dedicated!! He was worth every penny for his time and evaluation!!

I would recommend him to anyone in the area.


David is amazing at what he does ! He was on the job immediately and made everything stress free, definitely worth every penny and I would recommend him to anyone !

From a $2000 total loss to a $15,000 repair claim.

My car that i spent 3 years building and nearly $40K in parts was hit in a parking lot the first day i had it out. The at fault drivers insurance company wanted to give me $2,000 and total my car. I did not have an agreed value policy so my insurance wanted to do the same. At the advice of a lawyer i sought out an appraiser. I was fortunate enough to come across David’s website. At first the price of the appraisal had me nervous that i might end up further in the hole then i already was. After talking to David on the phone I felt good enough to give it a shot. David guided me through everything i needed to do step by step, and the time and detail that went into my case i now feel like he didn’t charge me enough. He new my insurance policy better than the insurance adjusters did or cared to tell me they knew. After everything was said and done i received over $15,000 and i still have a clean title on my car.

Don’t hesitate to contact him!

David is awesome!

​my depreciated value rep got it from $1500 to $6400 and actually the original offer was just over 1000. Wow, awesome job David. Thank you very much! ????

If you are in a car accident you must use my representative for your depreciate in value because insurance will not offer you anything and as you see he will get you a lot more.

Easy to work with, good advice and a great outcome!

David was helpful from the minute I contacted him about my truck. He had all the information I was looking for and his advice was very helpful right from the beginning. All through the process, he was available whenever I had questions and the results are fantastic! I am extremely happy with the diminished value settlement he negotiated on my behalf and would recommend his services to anyone.

Easier then dealing with the Insurance Company

David was very up front about what was to happen. He gave us step by step instructions on what to do.
He’s easy to get in touch with. Which is so hard these days. He fought for us and got us a good offer for our devaluation of our car.
You’ve got nothing to loose. But much to gain with David’s help.
Thanks for your great service David!

Insurance Nightmare

My wife was involved in an accident on Oct 06, 2018 in our 2015 Toyota Tacoma truck. The other party ran a stop sign and t-boned the vehicle hard enough to spin our truck around 180 degrees and put it up on a 10′ curb. As you can imagine, an impact that great, can cause some major damage. Both driver and passenger doors were damaged and had large sections caved in, the rear door was bent enough to leave a 1/2′ gap allowing water to come inside the cab, the rocker panel had a 10′ split, the cab corner was creased sharply, and the vehicle did not drive straight after. All of these issues were brought to the attention of USAA, and we reassured that everything would be properly handled by the body shop. 18 months, 5 different trips to body shops, and about $16,000 being spent on repairs since the accident, we were still fighting our insurance company to repair the vehicle properly. After dealing with this nightmare for so long, I decided it was time to consult with someone, I just didn’t know who at the time. After reaching out to several lawyers in the Summerville area, I realized none were really going to be able to help. I started looking up diminished value, even though my policy did not cover this, just to see what I could find. I eventually came across David. When I reached out to him and explained the entire situation, he seemed to get upset by how USAA had been treating my wife and I, and we jokingly made a few comments back and forth about how USAA “prides themselves on serving those who serve”. Upon talking to David for several more days, he went out to take a look at the vehicle. As soon as he left the shop, he instructed me that we needed to halt all repairs and have a meeting with all parties involved, to discuss all of the proper procedures that needed repairing. Not even 10 minutes after this conversation, after requesting that the body shop not proceed with any further repairs, I got a phone call from USAA…They stated that they heard I hired someone, as well as that I wanted the vehicle to be left for a few days without repair. They expressed their concerns for the vehicle not being returned to me in a timely manner due to this hold up. After the vehicle had been at the shop for over a month with no work being accomplished up to this point due to awaiting USAA’s approval to complete repair discrepancies, I told them a few days longer wouldn’t be any more of an inconvenience than we’ve already been dealing with for the last 18 months. Anyway, we scheduled a meeting at the body shop for a day later. When we showed up, it took David no more than 10 minutes to pull the driver’s seat and pull back the carpet to discover pools of water still under the carpet from the damage after the accident. The water had been in the vehicle for so long, undisturbed, that it became a haven for mold and mildew. The smell was absolutely rotten, and made me upset, that this is what my insurance company considered “quality work from a trust worthy repair shop”. My wife and I had been exposed to this for over 18 months! All it took was 10 minutes of looking, based off of pictures I had taken immediately after the accident, for David to uncover this. USAA or the initial body shop could have found this as well, had they taken the due diligence and actually cared about putting me back on the road in a safe vehicle that wouldn’t have detrimental impacts on my health. A day after uncovering this, USAA called once more and stated they were going to consider the vehicle a total loss and that they “didn’t see any of this coming in regards to the black mold”. I had to laugh at that comment and told the claims appraiser to look back into their files for pictures submitted on Oct 07, 2018, to tell me they couldn’t see the potential for black mold or the comments raising my concern on this issue on the same day. Again, he stated, “I wasn’t the one handling your claim then.” But I guess accountability goes out the window here, because even after stating that someone kept reassuring me I’d be taken care of, this is how long it took to get to this point, this is how I was continuously being treated by an organization that I thought was looking out for my best interest if ever put into a scenario where I’d need to rely on insurance. But David’s help didn’t stop there…USAA made an initial offer for their “appraised value of the vehicle”, I sent this over to David, who completed his own appraisal, leaving a difference between the two appraisal numbers of about $10,000. USAA initially didn’t move much based on this counter offer, I informed them that if they couldn’t meet more in the middle, I would enact my appraisal clause (under David’s guidance), and we would settle everything that way. I got a phone call back from USAA an hour later, where they adjusted their offer to meet in the middle. After speaking wioth David, he told me that in his opinion, he thought USAA also owed me the cost out of pocket for hiring him. When I called USAA back and told them this, they said they could not cover that cost per policy. I told them that refusing to cover my expense for this entire 18 month inconvenience seemed very petty of them in the grand scheme of things and stated that if they could not figure out how to include the amount I had paid for David’s services, I would proceed by enacting my appraisal clause. USAA finally backed down, and covered the cost for David’s services. Had it not been for David, I’d probably still be in the health hazard we were driving around. Even if I had succeeding in getting USAA to total the vehicle, I probably would have jumped at their first offer for the total loss. David’s guidance was invaluable during this entire ordeal. In the long run, we ended up making out very well in what value we were given for our vehicle, even if it did take us 18 months to get to that point. Overall, I was just purely amazed at how USAA pushed us around for 18 months trying to get everything straightened out, and it only took David a matter of days to get the vehicle totaled and a settlement completed. Can not express how happy we are for the outcome we came to!

Very knowledgeable and easy to work with!

Before my claim I had never even herd of diminished value but after contacting Dave I was thoroughly informed. He guided me every step of the way and was able to get me roughly 725% more money than the insurance company originally offered. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else, his knowledge of the industry and working in a timely manner is second to none. Thank you so much Dave!

Unbelievably Amazing Service

Would like to give David a huge thank you for his help! I couldn’t have asked for someone better.

My 2017 Range Rover HRE had an accident and after I got the vehicle from the workshop, I called up Allstate to get an estimate for the diminished value of my car. They sent me a letter saying that the value will be zero and I won’t get any money for the newly diminished value of my car. So I contacted David who fought on my behalf with Allstate who had just hired their own adjustor. The Allstate adjustor proceeded to tell David that the diminished value on my vehicle was only $2000 and David believed it was more than $15,000. David then recommended me to hire an umpire ($350 fee for umpire) who would listen to our claim and the adjustor’s claim. The umpire took his decision after reviewing both claims and granted me $13,000. Thanks so much David for helping me get an extra $11,000 dollars.

God Bless you David!

Qualified and Reliable Diminished Value Expert

My almost-new 2019 Subaru Forester was severely damaged when struck by a car running through a red light while I was crossing on the green light. I was very concerned about the immediate loss of value on my new car, so I talked to the repair shop about it, and they recommended that I talk to David Montanaro. He responded to me very quickly and coordinated with the repair facility to identify the extent of damage to my car, which included photos that revealed massive structural damage. David developed a detailed and comprehensive Diminished Value assessment report consisting of 18 pages, showing my diminished value loss to be $9320, which was submitted to State Farm. The outcome is still in process. David has been readily available for my questions and concerns, and I have valued his professional advice. He is the one to call if you are ever in need of this type of service!

Hardest Working Man in The Diminished Value Industry

I want to thank David Montanaro for his expertise and guidance during my diminished value claim. His years of experience and knowledge in the collision repair and appraisal industry made him EXCEPTIONAL in every phase of the negotiations. He masterfully negotiated with the insurance company and appraisers while keeping us informed every step of the way. When I had to contact the insurance company by email, David gave me a “sample letter” as a guide which was extremely helpful. He took personal interest in our case and even came by our home to inspect my car after repairs were made to ensure all the needed work was done. He recognized supplemental work was needed.
He has a pleasing demeanor and makes you feel as if you are his only client. He availed himself to us by checking in daily and promptly returned our calls. In my opinion David is the “Hardest Working Man in The Diminished Value Industry”. Thank you, David, for everything.

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