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I wanted to take the

I wanted to take the time to thank David Montanaro for helping me with my diminished value claim. He was amazing to work with from start to finish. He was very responsive and attentive and walked me through this process. I knew nothing in regards to Diminish Value and he explained to me that I was entitled to that. With his knowledge, he was able to get me a very fair amount for my loss. I would highly recommend using David to handle your Diminish Value Claim!!!!

Jessica Lane

2011 infiniti M37x dDiminished Value

I was in a rear end accident and was refered to David Montanaro by the body shop that fixed my car. Once i got in touch with him and got his price for my diminished value assesment. I figured it was worth a shot and was decently priced! I decided to go through with it and once i made that decision, David got right on the job. He got all my assesments ready in a timely fashion and advised me along each step! He was always accessible which made me feel a lot more comfortable. He told me how much my diminished value was worth and although i didnt get the exact amount, i got pretty close to it and way more than i expected back from the insurance company. Thanks for the professionalism and great service. I will definitely recommend him to any and all that needs a diminished value claim.

Foluso Williams

Fought long and hard to get me the most diminished value!

I had a very difficult diminished value case due to a previously undisclosed accident. The insurance company was not giving an inch. But David kept advising me and fighting the insurance company until they finally made a reasonable offer to me. In the past I had always taken what the insurance company sent me, but that is clearly not what I will do in the future. David is a tremendous value and puts 100% into getting you back the most possible. I’ll definitely hire him again! Thanks David!

Jason H.

Thank you for getting me a good deal on my diminished value!

After my car was hit in a parking lot, the way my insurance company handled the repairs and getting the insurance from the man who hit my car was pretty sub par. So I was surprised to learn that I could get money from Geico on the loss of value to my car. I was never told this from my insurance company, but from my dad that had used Southern Automotive Consultants to get the diminished value on his car. My husband originally went though a different appraiser consultant that did a free quote and then we would have had to paid a fee for them to submit to Geico, but they quoted us at around$1400 for loss of value, which barley covered the repair cost. When I called David and told him about the quote we got he told me that the appraiser company we contacted gets hired by Geico as an independent consultant that also does loss of value against the Geico client and would favor Geico or the insurance company that hired them to give the client the less money than originally quoted. If we had gone with that appraiser, we would have most likely ended up with $700.
David walked me through everything that I had to do to get Geico to cooperate with the claim he had drawn up, which helped me feel more confident with dealing with Geico and after finally getting everything closed I ended up with around $2,600! David is a great guy and I wish I had contacted him after the car wreck, because based off of the other reviews it looks like he also helps out with that. I will happily recommended anyone who had been in a car accident to contact him and I will use him again if anything like this happens again.

Anna Ruth LaMere

Deb Stossel (as posted to Google)

Thanks Southern Automotive Consultants you saved many life’s by removing an unsafe vehicle from our highways!

I was a victim of an insurance companies “Select Shops” fraudulent repair. My vehicle was in an accident on May 7, 2016 repaired and picked up on June 9, 2016. A diminished value inspection found the vehicle to be “unsafe” to drive on June 20, 2016. The insurance company after spending $7500.00 on repairs contacted me on June 23, 2016 declaring my vehicle a total loss. I can’t thank David enough for his thorough knowledge and guiding me through the process of negotiating with the insurance company and removing a dangerous vehicle off the road!

Tamra Grant (as posted to Google)

After having moved from the Midwest to Charleston over fifteen years ago I discovered that customer service and follow through had opportunities to improve. This definitely is not the case with David Montanaro. I was struggling to have my car repaired after a wreck. The accident was not my fault but I felt that I was being punished due to someone elses actions or lack of. David was contacted and from that point on I no longer felt this way. He was with me through the remainder of the very long process (4months to be exact). The process included dealing with the other persons insurance and the three body shops involved in the repair work. David personally monitored and stayed on top of the repair work. Contacting and updating me along the way. He provided door to door service including personally driving me to pick my car up. A customer service feature seldom seen today.
A small problem arose when my car was returned. I contacted David and he immediately responded. The small fix was handled by him. I cannot stress enough about the impeccable service I received. It was something I had not found in the south but accustom to in the Midwest. While I am very cautious to make recommendations I would definitely put my name on a recommendation for David.

Joey Sebastian (as posted to Google)

David Montanaro helped me with my Diminished Value on my 2016 Porsche and I ended up getting paid $14,200 in Depreciation! Before I contacted David at the suggestion of my Atlanta Porsche Dealer the corrupt Insurance Adjuster was “maxed out” at $3500.00! It’s amazing what his 40 years in the business did to help my cause. The best $375 I ever spent!

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