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David Montanaro knows how to get the job done!

I was having trouble getting my insurance company to pay the diminished value that I knew I should get. They wasted my valuable time and would only agree to pay me 1000.00 for my 2016 Subaru Outback. The accident wasn’t my fault because the at-fault party ran a stop sign and caused over 7000.00 worth of damage. I am so glad that I was referred to David by my Subaru dealership. Mr. Montanaro traveled to Augusta, Ga. and came to my work place and provided an appraisal. This was done so quickly that I was amazed! He had the report to me the next day! Then he was able to speak to my insurance company’s designated appraiser and I now have a check in my hands for 5660.00! Most people don’t realize that they have the option of getting diminished value and most insurance companies won’t tell you that this is an option. I am so glad that I was referred to David Montanaro! If I had not called him, the most I would have gotten would be 1000.0 and he was able to show that the diminished value was 5660.00! If you need prompt, professional service from someone who is willing to go to bat for you, call David!

Karen Vandiver

Expertise and professionalism

Our son was hit in a parking lot and the repairs were paid for. However, received a check for the diminished value, which was nothing. not close. Was given David’s name his service, professionalism and expertise were great! I highly recommend David and his work. Long story short, we went to court and David’s testimony and expertise was worth every cent and time…. THANK YOU!!!!

Emily Compton

Saved my life, literally!!

Mr. Montanaro is a consummate professional and fights for his clients like he would for himself or family. He literally saved my life, I can’t thank him enough for his help in all matters. If you’re reading this, this is the guy you want on your team fighting for you, very results driven. Thank you again!!

Christopher Washington

Many Thanks to Southern Automotive Consultants.

A lady hit my side panel which ended up totaling $2800+. I contacted David shorty after getting it out of the shop and his first impression was rock solid. He gave me some great information right off the bat. Took a few days and did his homework and advised me of what I could due as far as pursuing. My car had a previous undisclosed accident and 117k miles. The options to fight was possible as he explained but the return wasn’t worth the fight.

Speaking with David and simply getting a wealth of information about how depreciation works and what my options were from an accident to my car showed me how truly valuable his services is. I believe more people should know they have a service like this available to make certain they aren’t leaving money on the table.

Louis Williams II

Superb service and professionalism

I don’t know how to say it any other way except to tell it like it is…………. Insurance companies are your worst enemy when you have a claim. They spend all their money on commercials to make you believe they are so honest and caring and there for you when you need them. Just you wait until you need them to handle a claim for you then you see the horns come out. Our Infiniti was hit by another vehicle which resulted in repair damage of $8,700.00 to the rear. The insurance company directed us to one their preferred shops telling us that they would handle everything for us. When we made a claim for diminished value they offered us $150.00 I argued that this was not acceptable and they told me that was all I was entitled to. I contacted David at Southern Automotive Consultants and he went right to work explaining the entire process. We now understand how Insurance Companies get away with cheating consumers in any way that they can. After his expert review of our vehicle, it’s damage, repair, and the insurance companies offer for our diminished value claim he was able to help us get a $1500.00 settlement for this. There is no way we could have done this without his expertise.
I will tell everyone that I know with an insurance issue to contact David at Southern Automotive Consultants for exceptional service.

Richard French

Stellar Customer Service

Recently, our Audi 2015 Q5 was rear ended by another vehicle. David provided excellent guidance, not only concerning accurate determination of the diminished value but how to properly communicate this to the other party. His report to substantiate the loss of value and his willingness to stand behind the customer in the event of a dispute was
over and beyond expectations. David also gave excellent advise which prevented unnecessary recommended repairs being made by a local body shop. I unconditionally recommend use of his professional services.

Charles Hipp

Life saver

David made sure I stayed up to date with every step of the process. He saved me from what I thought was going to be a nightmare. He had phenomenal customer service and made sure that I agreed before confirming anything. Unfortunately my car was at a total loss and the insurance company was wanting to give me 14600 with him fighting on my behalf and doing research I was able to come out getting 16650. The fee is definitely worth the work that he puts in to make sure you’re happy and taken care of most importantly. I will definitely refer anybody to him in the future. I’m very grateful to come across such an honest hard-working man.

Melissa O'Connor

Insurance Savior

I was involved in an accident where my car was clearly totaled in everyone’s opinion except my insurance carrier. With the expert advice and consultation from David Montanaro I am receiving a full and fair settlement; I feel certain he saved me thousands and thousands of dollars and numerous additional headaches. Honestly, I cannot recall any service to be of greater value in my entire life. Thanks David!

L Glen Lewis

Great service and result!

After having an accident the process is always incredibly stressful. The car I only had for six months before the accident had a lot of damage. My insurance company claimed no diminished value. Luckily, the body shop where I had my car repaired recommended David. He was incredibly helpful from the start! He informed me that I did in fact have a diminished value claim, and finished a report for me quickly. He walked me through the entire process and was always willing to answer my questions. His fees are very reasonable, and will refund the fee if you do not get at least double his fee. After the process was finally over, I was able to get much more than the insurance company initially said I was entitled to. Thank you so much David!

Lauren Richards

Professionally Driven, Results Oriented!

My fiance was involved in a “love tap” (insurance company verbiage) accident to the tune of approx $4,500.00, Insurance carrier attempted to low ball me on Diminish Value. So I contacted David Montanaro of SAC to weigh my options. Mr. Montanaro is the epitome of professionalism,he researched my case, went to the body shop, & inspected my vehicle, then the body shop estimate so as to provide a professional written analysis on what the Diminish Value of my vehicle (2014 Mercedes Benz E350 coupe) SHOULD be. After many fruitless attempts to get the Insurance Carrier to recognize/ accept & negotiate in good faith, I was left with no choice but to sue in Ga State court. Mr. Montanaro not only help me formulate a strategy based off facts, he also was my expert witness in court. Thanks to Mr. Montanaro I won my case & I couldn’t be more thrilled!! His expertise was without a doubt the deciding factor. Mr. Montanaro made me feel like I was his only client and was there every step of the way, that was extremely important to me & my fiance. I strongly recommend David Montanaro & Southern Automotive Consultants to anyone & everyone involved in an auto accident. Thank You very much David!!

Bruce Scott

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