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Great work, David!

My son’s Honda Civic was totaled after being rear ended by a drunk driver. The insurance company offered less than 1/2 of what we paid for the car l.5 years ago. I contacted David and he helped me through the entire process with the vehicle and the claim and was able to get the insurance company to increase the amount initially offered by several thousand dollars netting us close to what we paid for the car 1.5 years ago. I highly recommend David – his knowledge of insurance and collisions is extensive, he’s professional, kind and knows his stuff! Thank you for your assistance, David, now I know that the “little guy” can win against the “big bad insurance company” – I never knew any of this before talking to David.

Mary Gail Britt

David will fight for you

I had no idea how to get compensated for diminished value when my parked car was wrecked by a drunk driver. David prepared the reports and helped me go after a big repair shop that made my car worse and an insurance company that recommended them! He was aggressive and he knows exactly what it takes to get the insurance companies to do the right thing. He has been in the collision repair industry for years and he knows all the ways insurance and repair shops will take advantage of YOU. David will fight for you! Don’t settle for being ripped off, give him a call.

Brian "Scott" Ward

David triumphs over Goliath

My wife was involved in an accident that left her 2014 Toyota looking totaled. The insurance company sent a check for less than $300 for the Diminished Value settlement. This was not only an insult but, in my opinion, a down right dishonest way to conduct business.

I had heard of David through a friend who was very pleased with what David had done for him. Having gone through this ordeal with David’s expertise and professional savvy, I know beyond a doubt that he made the insurance company stand up and treat us fairly.

The new check, for the diminished value, is almost 14 time greater than their first offer. Not to mention the fact that he also found several items the body shop had not fixed correctly and we got that remedied for free.

I highly recommend David and Southern Automotive Consultants to anyone needing a win against Goliath.

Thank you, David. It was a memorable experience and one that will not be forgotten.

Jeffery Dennis

Worth it!

Introduced to David through the Porsche dealership and I am so glad I did. He made all the difference. Worth every penny. The insurance company tried to take me for a ride!

dana ecker

Great service

Insurance company original diminished value was low. David helped got me a $1200 higher value. I could not have gotten the additional value without his expert help.

Martin Feeney

Highly skilled

I had a very troubled claim and David and his Team navigated a pathway to success. Thank you for your experience, knowledge and professionalism!

MJ Claus


I am extremely happy that I chose Mr. David Montanaro to be my EXPERT WITNESS in my diminished value suit against the person who ran his motorcycle into my car!! He did an excellent job of testifying for me, and, thanks to him and his testimony, the judge ruled in my favor! He was always there for me if I had questions and would tell me what to expect in the courtroom. I cannot say enough about his professionalism and his demeanor in the courtroom to convey his point to the judge and to the defense attorney. I would HIGHLY recommend David to anyone needing his expertise! THANK YOU SO MUCH, MR. MONTANARO!!!

Lynn Comen

David Montanaro is the Best!!

David Montanaro is simply the best Diminished Value assessor. I was the victim of a hit and run auto accident earlier this year, and my insurance company hoped that I wouldn’t realize I had a DV claim clause in my contract with them. After having a fantastic experience at Buckhead Collision, Noman and Scott recommended I talk to David at Southern Automotive Consultants. He knew his stuff, drew up my assessment at the drop of a hat, and was able to answer every question I had, never making me feel pressured to hire him. I have to admit that at first, I wasn’t too sure of the whole idea, but he enlightened me to the fact that I was paying my insurance company a high monthly payment to help me when an accident occurs, and that I had every right to claim DV on my car. He far exceeded what we thought we could actually get, by dealing with my insurance agent for me, which blew me away. I suppose I shouldn’t have been, because he has a stellar record! It’s for a reason…trust this guy. He made such a positive impact on me, and helped make a painful car accident so much more bearable.

Kayla Ibarra


I had been dealing with my insurance company about the total loss of my van. Their offer was ridiculous so David stepped in and took care of it for me. He got me more money and closed it out for me. I really appreciate all that he did. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a private appraiser. Thank you so much, David.

Marlynda Fitzgetald

Great job

My insurance company was offering me $500 diminished value for a $15,000 damage with frame damage also. David was able to get me almost $5000. Great job thank you !

Robin Locke

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