Unbelievably Amazing Service

Would like to give David a huge thank you for his help! I couldn’t have asked for someone better.

My 2017 Range Rover HRE had an accident and after I got the vehicle from the workshop, I called up Allstate to get an estimate for the diminished value of my car. They sent me a letter saying that the value will be zero and I won’t get any money for the newly diminished value of my car. So I contacted David who fought on my behalf with Allstate who had just hired their own adjustor. The Allstate adjustor proceeded to tell David that the diminished value on my vehicle was only $2000 and David believed it was more than $15,000. David then recommended me to hire an umpire ($350 fee for umpire) who would listen to our claim and the adjustor’s claim. The umpire took his decision after reviewing both claims and granted me $13,000. Thanks so much David for helping me get an extra $11,000 dollars.

God Bless you David!

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