Diminished Value Claim | How to Reclaim the Value of your Vehicle

Diminished Value Claim | How to Reclaim the Value of your Vehicle

Diminished value claims Atlanta | How to Reclaim the Value of your Vehicle

Diminished value claims Atlanta | The purpose of car insurance is to enable car owners to recover the value of their cars after an accident. However, after an accident, it is most likely that the value of the vehicle will go down if compared to a car that has not had an accident even if the best repairs are done on the vehicle and it looks new.

Diminished value claims enable car owners to recover the difference in the value of the car between a car’s value before accident and after an accident and repairs.

How to qualify for diminished value claim

Diminished value experts are of great help when it comes to the processing of diminished value claim and total loss claim. However, to qualify for compensation for a diminished value one must meet certain criteria such as:-

  • The state one lives
  • How the accident occurred
  • If it was one’s fault.

What’s the process of filing a diminished value claim?

To file a diminished value claim one must have a loss report documented and certified by a qualified automobile appraiser. The automobile appraiser will do an appraisal on the vehicle and give you a report to present to the insurance company. With this certified report, you are ready to approach the insurance company for compensation.

If you are looking for a diminished value expert in Charleston, SC and Atlanta, GA, Southern Automotive Consultants, will assist you to easily recover the diminished value of your car. They are trusted for the 97% recovery rate.

What is the total loss claim process?

Insurance company usually makes a decision based on their best interests. An insurance company will render a car a total loss when the cost of repair is estimated to be more than 70% of the vehicle’s actual cash value.

With the assistance of Southern Automotive Consultants, you will be able to know the true value you should be compensated. They will give you a well written appraisal report of your vehicle and the value you should be compensated.

If you’ve been in a car accident in the past 3 years, your insurance company probably still owes you money that you never collected! You probably weren’t told about it, but in most cases you’re entitled to collect “Diminished Value” (in addition to repairs) on your damaged vehicle…and it could be thousands of dollars! Contact us today to see if you qualify for a diminished value claim.

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