Diminished Value Claim | Your Solution to Diminished Value Claims

Diminished Value Claim | Your Solution to Diminished Value Claims

Diminished Value Claim | Your Solution to Diminished Value Claims

Diminished Value Claim | At Southern Automotive Consultants we educate people in Diminished Value. We teach people who live in areas such as Charleston, SC, and Atlanta, GA among other areas on how to make claims successfully. Herein is a brief information

What is this Diminished Value?

Diminished value can be simply defined as the portion of any damaged vehicle pre- loss value which has never been restored before through the process of repair. They are 3 main types;

• Immediate diminished value

• Inherent diminished value

• Related repair diminished value

How to have the diminished value

If your vehicle does not have a prior damage history, then you will get the diminished value. To find out, just request the free inherent value estimate. This is going to help you know if you should go on pursuing the diminished value claim.

Qualification of Diminished Value

The question is, do you qualify? Well, all vehicles which are damaged and repaired always suffer some amount of diminished value. However, it is not all the situations will qualify for a claim from a company. Some of the determining factors include;

• State in which you live

• How the damages occurred

• Whether you were at fault or not

After Qualifying, What Next

After you qualify, the next thing is to know how much you are owed, then understand the process involved. With this, just look for the services of Sothern Automotive Consultants. It is at this stage where you will know how the services are helpful in this process.

Total Loss process

The 1st thing you should have in mind is that it is the insurance company which is going to decide whether it will ‘total out’ or repair your vehicle. This will be based on the company’s best interest.

The company will look at the value of your vehicle and render it a total loss if the repair cost is estimated to be over 70% of the pre-loss value of the vehicle.

The problem is that it is the company which is responsible for reimbursing the value of the car that is going to determine the value

Why You should Work with Southern Automotive Consultants

This is the right company for you because it has a recovery rate of 97%. It has been in existence for more than two decades. Southern Automotive consultants are professionals who are confident that they will help you recover your diminished value. It has a good number of money guarantees if it fails in the mission.


If you’ve been in a car accident in the past 3 years, your insurance company probably still owes you money that you never collected! You probably weren’t told about it, but in most cases you’re entitled to collect “Diminished Value” (in addition to repairs) on your damaged vehicle…and it could be thousands of dollars! Contact us today to see if you qualify for a diminished value claim.

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